Some Of The Top Things To Do In The UK

Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England make up the United Kingdom. This is why it should not come to a surprise that there are many things to do in the UK. Below are some of the stuff you can do and see in each part of the UK.

England In England, you will want to visit the world famous Buckingham Palace, which is home of the Queen.

You’ll also want to go and see Big Ben in person, especially when you travel in an exotic car rental, as well as the Tower of London, Hyde Park and the Peak District in Central England. Stonehenge in Wiltshire is another major attraction. Other major cities in England you’ll want to visit includes Cardiff, Liverpool and Manchester.

Each of those cities have their own attractions. Best of all, trains are easily available in those parts of England. This means getting to great attractions is easy.

Scotland While in Scotland, you’ll want to visit the many castles, such as Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle and Balmoral Castle to name a few. Don’t forget to visit the Isle of Skye, which is a great place to visit if you’re a nature lover.

Other things to do and see in Scotland include travelling through the Northern Highlands, visiting Loch Ness and going to the Isle of Arran.

Also, make sure to pay a visit to Glasgow and Edinburgh, as these are two of the major cities in Scotland and there are a host of things to do there.

Northern Ireland No trip to Northern Ireland would be complete without visiting Belfast, the capital and is home to many clubs, pubs, shops and restaurants.

It is the entertainment capital of Northern Ireland, but other fun stuff to do and see in the region include going to Derry, which is where you’ll find top attractions such as St Columb’s Cathedral, the Tower Museum and the Heritage Tower Museum.

If you are a fan of the hit TV show Game of Thrones, then make sure you visit the many sites from the show, as they are located throughout Northern Ireland. These sites include Castle Ward, the Dark Hedges and Tollymore Forest Park.

Wales Wales is home to the massive mountainous National Park called Snowdonia, so set aside a day or two so you can explore it. Cardiff Castle and Conwy Castle are also located in Wales and are worth the trip from anywhere.

Other top sights in Wales includes Caernarfon Castle and the Llyn Peninsula, which is where you can go cycling, fishing, relax on the beaches and watch dolphins. The Welsh Mountain Zoo is located in Colwyn Bay and is home to many animals.

Whether you’re an outdoors type of person or indoors, Wales has everything. However, we do recommend visiting the coastal towns and cities in the summer. This is when the areas are the most liveliest.

England and Scotland is home to some of the best attractions in the world. So is Northern Ireland and Wales. If you have never been to those places, then visit the UK today and make sure to do and see some of the things previously discussed.